Integrated Data Driven Marketing

Online, 10 Jan – 16 Feb 2017

Program Description

Today, routine marketing decisions in­creasingly rely on translating data-driven business intelligence into actionable strategies.

High volumes of rich data can now be ana­lyzed to predict the consequences of alternative courses of action, and guide decision-making with unprecedented precision.

Representing a fundamentally different approach to marketing, this program will expose participants to the tools and insights needed to more effectively manage complex data from multiple channels and sources, and to make decisions on budget spend founded on demonstrable facts rather than gut instinct.

In an engaging and interactive learning environment, participants will learn how to assess the effectiveness of marketing activities, justify marketing spending, measure marketing ROI and maximize customer en­gagement.

Eight (8) Key Modules

1. High-Impact Marketing
2. The Marketing Pipeline
3. Customer Segmentation
4. Customer Analytics Overview

5. Data and Information in B-to-B Marketing
6. Customer Management Enablers
7. Managing Data in Marketing and Sales
8. Maximizing Data Value in Marketing Strategy



-Define, design and launch an insight-driven marketing strategy.

-Read and interpret multiple data sets from different sources.

-Utilize data to measure the value of your customers.

-Develop robust metrics across the marketing pipeline.

-Obtain more accurate forecasts for new products.

-Leverage your marketing spending and maximize ROI.


Who Should Attend

-Leaders in marketing, management, business development and customer service who wish to translate marketing data into organi­zational action – and, ultimately, sales and profits.

-CRM professionals, brand managers, marketing specialists, digi­tal marketers, account managers and other marketing decision-mak­ers responsible for marketing effectiveness.

-Individuals from firms who support data-driven marketing.

Takeaways & Tools

-Frameworks for developing powerful multi-layered data-driven marketing plans

-Tools and techniques to unlock the highest potential of marketing analytics and metrics

-A step-by-step plan to implement “High-touch” marketing strategies using customer data.

Tuition & Fees



  •  Tuition

  • Continental breakfasts, lunches and coffee/snack breaks

  • Program materials and resources

  • NYIM Certificate