The Wallet Allocation Rule

New York, 08 Nov – 09 Nov 2016

What is The Wallet Allocation Rule?

Sustainable growth begins with understanding customers’ needs and wants so well that your firm becomes customers’ first choice. Most leaders recognize this fact.

That is why companies have devoted a great deal of time and money to measuring, managing, and improving the customer experience. But unfortunately, the metrics they use don’t link to what matters most: share of wallet (i.e., the percentage of spending in a category that customers give to a brand).

The Wallet Allocation Rule® is a revolutionary, definitive that gives managers the ability to link the metrics that they track to the spending customers allocate to their brands. Backed by rock-solid science published in the Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review, the Wallet Allocation Rule system identifies what companies need to do to grow that spending.

Whether you are just beginning your customer experience management planning, or you are looking to improve an existing program, our world-class Wallet Allocation Rule® Certification program provides you with the expertise necessary to get better business results from your efforts. It is proven that Wallet Allocation Rule success equals greater share of customers’ spending. As a result, certification provides your organization with a clear competitive advantage—a blueprint for sustainable long-term growth.

Maximize the ROI of Your CX Program

Getting results from your customer experience program requires much more than collecting data, or even acting on the data you’ve collected. It requires understanding precisely what must be done to grow share. The Wallet Allocation Rule® is the only easy to use system that is scientifically proven to link to share of wallet. As a result, you can identify what it really takes to gain a greater share of your customers’ spending.


Get Wallet Allocation Rule® Certified

The Wallet Allocation Rule® Certification is the only authorized Wallet Allocation Rule course in the world which has the power to transform your organization’s customer experience program and your career. It is developed and taught by the rule’s creators and the authors of the New York Times bestseller The Wallet Allocation Rule: Winning the Battle for Share.

After successfully completing the course and certification exam, you will join an elite group of customer experience experts who can harness the power of the Wallet Allocation Rule to grow their share of customers’ hearts, minds, and wallets.

In their Words

“This is it! Finally, something definitive about what it takes to win the battle for share of customers’ hearts, minds, and wallets.” — Peter Jueptner, EVP of Strategy and New Business Development, Esteé Lauder Inc.

Harvard Business Review
Professor Lerzan Aksoy and Dr Tim L. Keiningham show why Customer Loyalty Isn’t Enough and how companies can Grow their Share of Wallet.
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Forbes on The Wallet Allocation Rule and Your Brand
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Who should Attend

This certification is ideal for anyone involved in the design and implementation of customer experience strategies, including:

-Chief Marketing Officers

-VPs and Directors of Marketing

-Customer experience executives and managers

-Researchers and analysts

-Brand directors and managers

-Program Managers

-Customer feedback specialists

Program Highlights

-Assess the effectiveness of your current customer feedback program(s)

-Map the key touchpoints customers have with your brand and with competing brands

-Get a thorough framework of best practices for integrating the Wallet Allocation Rule system into your company’s customer experience



Timothy Keiningham, PhD is the chief strategy and client officer at Rockbridge Associates. Tim advises senior executives across industry sectors in the areas of customer experience innovation, customer strategy development, and customer loyalty improvement. In addition, he is responsible for overseeing and growing the company’s thought leadership through publications, keynote speaking engagements, and leading edge product development.

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