NYIM Executive Programs enable leaders to develop the capacity to transform themselves, their organizations and their communities by offering specialized business education for individual and group learners which address today’s business challenges and opportunities.

As a result of NYIM Executive Programs, learners gain useful insight, best-practice methodology and in-practice management techniques to improve business and career performance. Whether for a new manager with growing responsibilities, a senior manager translating strategy into action or a c-level executive leading in a global era, learning to think differently enhances the ability to address concerns specific to each individual role and maximize impact.

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Premium Learning Solutions

NYIM’s cutting-edge roster of solutions are for individuals looking to broaden their perspectives, acquire new professional skills, refresh their knowledge, exceed their goals or gain competitive advantage.

Unparalleled Functional Expertise

NYIM executive programs instructors are known for their functional expertise and their ability to translate the latest research into practical applications for the workplace, and transmit skills to participants with the best teaching techniques.

Flexible Program Structures

NYIM programs may be multi-tiered, cascading knowledge and skills through different levels of the organization using need-specific methodology and media.

Participants are able to follow our programs regardless of their geographic location, travel schedules and current job responsibilities. The executive design of our programs allows participants to immediately apply the skills they learn and solve real-world problems.

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