Finance for Non Financial Managers

Certificate in
Finance for Non Financial Managers

Regardless of the economic or social climate, management of financial drivers remains the foremost priority   in any business. Consequently, an understanding of the principles for building and sustaining the financial performance of a firm will strengthen the value of any professional involved in business.

Participants from a wide variety of backgrounds will be taught how to read an organization’s financial statements and explore their limitations. They will be given the tools to analyze cost behavior and financial performance.


The Certificate in Finance for Non-Financial Managers will demystify your route to financial success and help you develop a well-rounded understanding of language and requirements of financial expectations and performance. By the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Gain a firmer grasp on the language of finance.
  • Improve communication with internal and external financial stakeholders.
  • Learn how to create value and contribute to the financial performance of your area of responsibility.
  • Read and understand financial reports with greater clarity and confidence.
  • Get an insight into the drivers and measurement of costs.
Managers at all levels including those in technical and non-financial areas seeking to make better business decisions by understanding financial information and its implications – managers responsible for meeting budgets and containing costs, entrepreneurs running their own businesses, as well as project managers, business analysts, engineers, marketing, sales, operations and human resource managers.
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Participants must complete the following five courses to qualify for the Finance for Non-Financial Managers Certificate:
ACC 515 Understanding Financial Statements
This program will take you step-by-step through the analysis and interpretation of financial statements. At the conclusion of this program participants will be able to identify the key relationships among the three major financial statements: income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows; determine which pivotal business operations are driving these financial statement movements; interpret how business decisions affect the critical interrelationship among the statement components; and apply financial ratios to analyze trends, competitors, and future economic decisions.
ACC 525 Managerial Accounting
At the completion of this program, participants will learn how to analyze internally-prepared financial information and use it as a basis for making sound strategic, tactical and operating decisions. Beginning with an overview of the key differences between external and internal financial reporting, it will progress to more complex models and tools for financial analysis. Topics include: measuring product costs, activity based costing and management, cost drivers and behaviors, quality control costs and capital spending decisions.
FIN 530 Corporate Finance Principles
The objective of the “CFP” program is to give financial and non-financial practitioners the tools and knowledge on how to interpret financial information, facilitate capital structuring decisions, recognize risk and return in capital budgeting, and drive tactical and financial strategies for their organization. In particular, they will practice how to define the optimal capital structure, use ratio analysis to assess corporate performance, and project financial statements and cash needs.
FIN 550 Corporate Financial Strategy
The purpose of this program is to help participants interpret data from financial reports and make better business decisions based upon this information. At the conclusion of this program they will develop a deeper understanding of the role of financial strategy in the investing, financing and resource allocation decisions within an organization, and they will be provided with a financial framework to structure their strategic thinking and ensure their financial decisions are based on accurate estimation and management of risk.
FIN 580 Creating Value Through Operations
The purpose of this program is to deepen the understanding of financial and line managers of the impact of operations on free cash flow. It builds on traditional financial analysis techniques. Participants will learn how to create a unified financial report and statement, describe the components of enterprise value, construct a functional analysis of value, and analyze changes in performance. The will also improve their ability to decide how to deploy capital to increase enterprise value.
Program Fee*: $5,040

  • Access Courses Anywhere, Anytime – all learning materials, assessments, study support and work-based activity are delivered entirely online.
  • Up to 80 hours of online CPD – this does not mean you spend all 80 hours in front of the computer, some of this time will allow you the opportunity to reflect on the course materials and relate your learning to your workplace.
  • Dedicated and authoritative faculty – this certificate is designed and developed by thought-leading faculty and industry experts. All our senior faculty are teaching at Leading Business Schools with a minimum of over ten years of university and corporate education experience.
  • Comprehensive learner support – an expert learning adviser can clarify study materials, answer questions and help you relate each course to your specific needs.
  • A certificate of completion – upon successful submission of your program, you will receive a certificate that can be used as evidence of CPD for your employer or professional body; it details the number of hours you have studied and the learning outcomes you have completed.

The strong link between our programs and your work practice creates relevant, enduring and transferable learning outcomes. It requires no more than 25 hours of your time in total to complete each course over a period of five weeks. But the learning is far richer than more expensive executive education workshops.

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* Preferred pricing is available for multiple attendees from the same organization, current students, alumni of NYIM and military personnel.

What makes NYIM distinct:

  • Higher Quality Education – We develop our programs with a focus on the fusion of theory and practice. Practitioners learn more than just concepts; they learn how to apply those concepts to real-world work situations. The NYIM curriculum is designed around industry standards and expectations for professionals in each field of study. Students learn by participating in live classroom sessions, watching video lectures, doing reflections and collaborating with other participants.
  • Flexible and Accessible – Studying with NYIM puts you in control. We provide access to robust online executive education programs that enable flexible scheduling and logistics to meet the needs of our students. All our courses are self-paced but instructor facilitated and you can study whenever and wherever you like without compromising on quality. Each program is carefully designed to foster collaboration, interaction and networking among participants and faculty members.
  • Effective Program Format – NYIM courses are designed to run for five/six weeks. Each week there is a scheduled live classroom session of 45 minutes lecture and 30 minutes of reflections and group discussions. Throughout each course there are rich opportunities for practitioners to connect, share experiences and best practices, discuss on-the-job application, raise questions and pose ideas for optimal course of action.
  • Practical and Relevant – Theoretical knowledge is essential, but there’s also no substitute for applied skills. We draw upon the experience of thought-leading faculty and use real-life scenarios, providing you with practical skills that you can employ in the workplace. Students are immersed in an engaging and collaborative learning process that enforces them to build dynamic relationships with other participants online that will continue to stay active beyond each program.

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